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Light and Dark Log Cabin 1880
ca 1880. 73x80. Snyder County, PA, USA. You can tell this is from Pennsylvania due to the use of their favorite color, cheddar, and here we have two flavors, maybe mild and sharp. The logs are about 1/2 in wide,...
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Bars 1840 - 1860
Mid 19th century. 92x95. Made in Pennsylvania, USA. The fabric and patterns of this beautiful piece indicate the mid 19th century timeframe. It is an extravagant quilt composed of three stripes (12 inches wide) of chintz fabric of gold roses...
Pin Tree 1885-1925
1885-1925. 68x81. Found in Illinois, USA. What an awesome small quilt. This is one of our favorites. Green pine tree motifs are made of triangles on a ground of white with tiny flowers. The blocks are diagonal squares that face...
Log Cabin Barn Raising 1880
Illinois, ca 1880. 72x81. There are so many colors in this quilt, it makes you blink. Each center is made of four patches of brown and light prints. The logs are arranged in alternating lights and dark browns and navies....
Barrister’s Block 1880-1900
1880-1900. 64x78. Springfield, IL, USA. Twelve blocks, with white and ditzy fabric backing, surrounded by double pink sashing and a wide border. The fabrics in the motifs are colorful mourning prints, bronze prints and plaids, reds, and navy. This is...
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