Stuffed Petal Applique 1940
ca 1940. 85x108. Peoria, Stark County, IL, USA. This beautiful extra large quilt is a unique piece of American History. American women worked at many department stores as quilt makers who sewed hand made quilts for them. Their names were...
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Postage Stamp or Stepping Stones to Grandmother's Garden 1930-50
1930-50. 70x86. This is a truly unique and interesting combination of colors. Varied floral vintage print fabrics surround yellow and mint green plain blocks. The backing is white, and the separate binding is another floral print. The quilt is of...
Tulip Swag Applique 1930
ca 1930. 78x90. Made in Galesburg, IL, USA by WJ Achepohl. The tulips are styled after those in a kit designed by Home Needlecraft, called Yankee Garden, #7020, in Herrschner's catalogue, 1938-39. These unusual tulips are in three shades of...
Rose Applique Blocks with Sinuous Border
20th century. 78x94. An absolutely stunning quilt! It is massive, with solid dark reds and dark greens with black on a pristine white background give this quilt a pixie-like beauty, a bit different from the other floral appliques. There is...
Philadelphia Pavement 1900
ca 1900. 80x80. This is a twenty-five-patch of madder prints, shirtings, indigo prints and double pinks plus the red and white checked corner stones. There are horseshoes, paislies, woven plaids, checks and complex stripes. It is very graphic, yet it...
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Overshot 1900s
20th Century. 72x94. This is a copy of an old overshot quilt, done at a much later date in orlon or some other synthetic wool. It also was probably commercially machine loomed. It has selvedge weft edges, although both the...
Ohio Star and Nine Patch 1920
ca 1920. 75 inches x 75 inches. Made in Southern Indiana, USA. This is all wool, probably made from men’s suits. As a result this incredibly unique piece is quite heavy. The colors put together in the pattern are quite...
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Nine Patch 1923
1923. 74x83. Pieced in New York, USA then later quilted in San Francisco USA, 1976. Amazing signature on back helps define the story of this American quilt. This nine patch is made of yellow, pink and light and dark blue...
Mennonite Wool Nine Patch 1950
ca 1950. 71 x 96. This is a very unusual quilt, made with a variety of fabrics, but with a strong sense of color and beauty. Everything is hand sewn, including the long ribbon on one edge next to the...
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20th Century. 82x92. Found in Illinois, USA. A gorgeous king-sized piece. Circular chains of ovals surround each of sixteen plaques of vases holding pink and yellow flowers. Each of three sides of the quilt has a vase and sinuous vine...
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Flying Geese 1900
ca 1900. 85x77. The cheddar color is a clue that this was made in Pennsylvania, although it was found in Illinois. Cheddar sashing filled with faded green triangles (the geese) surround 5-inch square red blocks. There are alternating three-inch square...
Floral Bouquet Applique, Herschner’s 1960
1960. 62x90. One of our favorite pieces. Eight floral bouquets in a double row face the same direction. They are formed of pink and green calicos and, of course, are hand appliqued on a white field. There is a pink...
Dutchman’s Wheel 1900 - 1920
Construction and patters indicate early 20th century. 90x72. The item is hand pieced and has been well loved. Each motif is composed of four blocks of two yellow triangles each, all on a white ground. Each of these motif blocks...
California Rose Applique 1920-1930
1920-30. 96x94. A huge king size quilt. The applique stitching in this is incredible. It is so fine you can barely see it. Most likely this was originally a kit. The roses are two shades of pink, and the leaves...
Broken Start
Fabrics and patterns indicate post-1925. 64x80. This is a very attractive star quilt with all the star points meeting correctly. The bluish-green color, and the pink and yellow at the tips have faded somewhat, but the other colors are good...
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Bars 1840 - 1860
Mid 19th century. 92x95. Made in Pennsylvania, USA. The fabric and patterns of this beautiful piece indicate the mid 19th century timeframe. It is an extravagant quilt composed of three stripes (12 inches wide) of chintz fabric of gold roses...
Amish Trip Around the World 1920
ca 1920. 78x82. Found in Kalona, Iowa, USA. Initials "JME" in embroidery on back binding. There is fading in the 12-inch amethyst rayon crepe border, which is common in rayon crepe Amish quilts. The colors in the squares are those...
Amish Basket 1930-1940
1930-1940. 77x80. Made in Indiana, USA. This was probably made by an Old-Order Amish group or individual, and thus has some true American history within. The fabrics are cotton sateen and are gray-blue, lavender, purple and a variety of blues....
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Bowknot Applique
20th century. 70x88. Progress quilt kit #1345. There are numerous solid pastels, florals and leaves appliqued on a bright white background. Bouquets are tied with shades of delphinium blue in the ribbons. The bias binding is light blue, and the...
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