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Ohio Tulip Applique 1850
ca 1850. 69 x 75. This very old and very beautiful quilt has four initials indicating 4 quilters! Double dyed green with beautiful double quilted straight lines. Some light discoloration. Condition is excellent. -Item is pictured on a modern size...
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Woven Overshot Coverlet 1820
ca 1820. 90 x 91. Found in Illinois, USA. This ancient piece is called Bowknot which is indicative of this era. It is indigo wool and cotton or linen and is probably home woven. There is a seam, but no...
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Pine Tree Double Woven Coverlet 1800-1830
Early 19th century. 35x75. Purchased at Jackson’s Auction House in Cedar Falls, IA, USA. This beautiful half piece was cut transversely from a full coverlet. It has a natural cotton or linen warp and indigo and red wool wefts. The...
Overshot Coverlet with Tables and Wheels Pattern 1830-1860
1830-1860. 78x82. Purchased in Mineral Point, WI, USA. A very pretty coverlet, indicative of the time period. It is seamed down the middle and has had an applied border with fringe on three of its sides. It is natural cotton...
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Overshot Coverlet 1820-1840
1820-1840. 78x73. Purchased in Maine at farm of author Gladys Hasty Carroll. The family kept all their quilts and coverlets in the old farmhouse resulting in a more aged condition. The colors in this overshot are natural, indigo and gold....
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Overshot Coverlet In Three Panels 1800-1820
1800-1820. 82x105. New York, USA. This unique coverlet is massive, and comprised of three large panels which were hand sewn together. The top and bottoms have been turned over as binding. It is a thin material and is composed of...
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Overshot Coverlet 1800-1840
1800-1840. 60x86. The colors are unusually vibrant for the age of this coverlet. "Foxes Chase" or "Stars" pattern in dark blue, madder red, natural and sea green. The sea green dyes must have been from different lots (probably over dyed...
Fancy or Jacquard Double Weave Coverlet 1825-1840
No signature, but design is indicative of 1825-1840. 75x94. Such an elegant piece. It is very heavy, perhaps due to wool warp yarns. This pattern is called Frenchman's Fancy, or a variation thereof. The geometric figures around the major pattern...
Fancy or Jacquard Coverlet 1848
1848. 74x87. Pennsylvania, USA. This is a Tied Biederwand in indigo and white in the "double roses" pattern with lattice-like outlining. The side borders have distelfinks and trees (or are they candelabra?), and the bottom border has birds and trees,...
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