yuHistoric American Quilts

About our owner

Barbara Woodford, Ph.D. has been enthusiastically collecting antique quilts for 30 years and continues to study and appreciate the history and many forms of this fine craft. Most of her quilts are obtained in the Midwest and are selected for good condition, history and artistry. Her main interest is finding the right home for each quilt so that it can be preserved and enjoyed to the fullest extent.

Barbara, a former experimental neuropathologist at the University of Illinois in Chicago, at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and Huntington Medical Research Institutes in Pasadena, California, and now resides in Dubuque, Iowa. She belongs to AQSG, NIQSG, IIQSG and QHL, and is a contributor to NMAC. Her quilts have found their way to many locations, both national and overseas, and appeared in books, movies and journals. The antique quilts are found at auctions, shows, sales, and by personal connections and inquiries from watchers across the country.

Barbara's interest in quilts stems from her work in histopathology and using the microscope to study patterns, colors and forms of organic tissues. It is easy to go from that discipline to studying the same characteristics in complex quilts, yet with different purpose.To answer an often asked question, she has made three full-sized quilts in her lifetime, but prefers to see other makers' work instead.


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