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Historic American Antique Quilts and Coverlets

A large listing of fine antique quilts and woven coverlets at midwest prices.

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Latest Quilt Additions 

The Latest Quilts include special collections that have not been shown elsewhere. You'll find that some of these are special quilts well worth their higher prices as they are real keepers you will be proud to own. We are happy to be able to sell these beautiful quilts in excellent condition at prices that you cannot find on the East coast.


 Woven Coverlets

This page has been expanded to include most of our collection of overshot, double cloth, double weave Jacquard and Biederwand (some tied) Jacquard coverlets. We have quite a few named Jacquards. There are a couple of real collector items on the page also.


All White Bedcoverings

This is a page, in transition, of all white pieces. In all honesty, I am trying to identify half of the pieces that I have as to their age and type of manufacture. There are many to chose from: true Marseille or corded quilts, trapunto quilts made in the US, Bolton counterpanes from the early 1800's and Marcellas from later in the century, either hand or machine made. I welcome all input.


Venerable Quilts and The Enigma Quilt

For a bit of fun, go to the Venerable Quilts Page and see The Enigma Quilt. I need some feedback on this one desperately. The other quilts have unusual histories or are unusually made. Their condition is not perfect, so their prices are in accordance.



Our email address and phone number are below. Click below on our How to Order page, which gives you purchase information, and please include your personal information, location, email and interests. You can always call me to find out more about a quilt and if it is still in stock.

Please use the links below to find appropriate pages.


Sweet Salvos:

"I love my quilt. It is like it was never used. So crisp and nice. What speedy delivery....you have a great selection and pricewise you are excellent.....Thanks also for the page on cleaning and washing quilts." California

"Your website is great.....I love the quilt tips....very handy". Pennsylvania

"I was perusing your site tonight and your quilts are the best I have seen on the net." New York

"I've never seen anything packaged so carefully and professionally. I also appreciate the how to wash your quilt page you sent." Michigan

"Just want you to know that the quilt is lovely and my friend is thrilled with it. The picture you showed on your site was very faithful, but the real thing is even nicer" New York


Related Resources

I have found two groups of quilters in Northwest Illinois who will be delighted to quilt your top for you as their labor-of-love project. Get in touch with me by email or phone and I will give you their contact information regarding price, etc.

If you are looking for compression-type or alternative style quilt hangers, go to Robinson's Woodcrafts. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Another excellent source for quilt hangers is Plain and Simple Quilts. They also have a nice line of New Amish style quilts.


We hope this is an enjoyable experience for one and all. Thanks for visiting this site.

Barbara Woodford


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