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Tip: Of course not all white quilts or coverlets were made for weddings, however many were. The first wedding quilt I found was made in a New York county and brought to Platteville, Wisconsin. It was a trapunto and was signed 1820 along with the last name of the groom. It is now at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. It has given me an interest in other all white bedcovers made in the last two centuries.


Note of terminology: A coverlet or counterpane is composed of a back and a front; a quilt has three layers and is usually sewn over all layers in a pattern of what we call quilting. Either of these two types can have a three-dimensional effect depending upon how it has been structured.




Quilted in the Loom coverlet ca1840 from the estate of Gertrude Newbold Brick



441 Quilted in the Loom coverlet, "ca1840", 98x94, from the estate of Gertrude Newbold Brick (from the mincemeat business family), New Jersey, sold as a "wedding quilt". A photo of this was sent by the agent to an appraiser who said that it definitely was a trapunto wedding quilt. This is not the case. This is a Marseille cloth coverlet woven to look like a trapunto quilt. The first looms to be able to do this were invented in the 18th century. This coverlet may have been made in England or here in the U.S. but it was made with a loom using draw boys above the loom to keep track of the yarns. It does look very much like trapunto but careful inspection will show the warp and weft threads. Comparison to modern-day manufactured Marseille quilts is a simple task. Excellent condition and very rare. $2200



Wholecloth  Reversible White Quilt 1920-1940


430 Wholecloth, Reversible Quilt, 1920-1940, 69x87, Galesburg, Illinois, Mrs. W.J. Achepohl signed on attached tape. This is another beautifully quilted piece by Mrs. Achepohl. It is ivory on one side in cotton sateen., and the reverse is seafoam. The quilting is in medallion style at 8st/in with double feathers surrounding the center of 3/4-inch squares . 1.5-inch diamonds are quilted outside and to the edges . Never used, so it is in excellent condition, except for a slight fade line down the center where the quilt has been folded. $700.



White Wedding Quilt 1860-1890

742 White "Wedding Quilt", 1860-1890, 72x76, Wyoming, Illinois. The center rectangle, 41x48, is stuffed quilting in concentric circles, double rodding, stars, flowers, small circles and large spade-like forms. The quilting is 7st/in. The border, 18 in on all sides, is quilted in diamonds. The 1/4 in binding is brought from the backing to the front. This is in excellent crisp, clean condition and probably was a beautiful gift for a special wedding. $600.


Marseille Style White Handloomed Coverlet 1830-50

639 c Marseille Style Handloomed Coverlet, 1830-50, Perhaps from England, Provenance American Hurrah, 76x80. Knotted fringe on all sides. This is a complex pattern and appears on both front and back. There is a large square in the center surrounded by coils. On the interior of the large square is a central smaller square and several even smaller squares, all containing woven design. On the outside of the central square, or the border, are more complicated designs. Some subtle leafs are in the design patterns but they are not predominant. This piece is pristine and is somewhat heavy in spite of its lacy appearance. I am sure you would be buying a piece of history. $495



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